Conservatories Jericho. Prices for Conservatory, Orangery or Garden Rooms in Jericho, Greater Manchester

If you’re looking for conservatories in Jericho, Greater Manchester, there are certain requirements that you need to meet before you start the actual work. Conservatories can be costly and hence you need to make plans and have the right information from the experts.

Is planning permission needed from Greater Manchester Council? Yes, it is. Any local authority has its rules and regulations which must be followed to the letter. Wrongful installation is not permitted and if such mistake in known, Jericho council will remove it from your home. If you have troubles trying to figure out things, the company doing the work for you will know how to do and they will give you proper advice on your difficulties.

Conservatory Prices Jericho Greater Manchester

More than half of all conservatories require planning permission. Since different local authorities have their different regulations, you will have to contact Greater Manchester council. Apart from that, there are common thumb rules and regulations;

  • Extension is permitted for semi-detached and detached homes for up to 115% of the total volume of the house. It’s normally 70 cubic meters but it will depend on any extension done earlier.
  • A 50 cubic meter high is allowed for terraced and end-terraced houses.
  • To get planning permission, your conservatory should be installed 20 meters or less from the footpath or a road. It should not take more than half of your garden.
  • Planning permission is likely to be disallowed if more than 3 meters of your conservatory sticks out. Also, conservatories installed 2 meters of the boundary of 4 meters of the limit will be denied. This is because it’s thought that your neighbor may not be comfortable with it.
  • You will be imposed to used construction materials like timber or glass materials if your house is grade 11 or if it is located in a protected area especially for conservation purposes.

Find the Best Conservatory Installers in Jericho.

There are many ways find a reputable installer in the Greater Manchester area. You can decide to ask friends and family members who have the conservatory installed for them. This is when you will know what they feel about their conservatory hence it will give you direction to go. Another means is doing research in the Internet. There, you will find directories and other regulatory bodies that will help you locate the best installers in England. You can even read customer reviews on conservatory blogs and get more information.

To have a conservatory designed for you, you first decide what you’re going to use it for. So, it is wise to look for designers mostly whom are architects in order for you to put across your specifications. A typical conservatory lover will think of the specifications to fit his/her desires. These could be a permanent installation or a room with sunroof which could also be used at any time irregardless of the weather conditions. More space can also be created if you want extra space to live in. You can decide to look for homes designed like yours and have conservatories, or just buy magazines for gardens and homes specifically looking for the conservatory designs. You can even send pamphlets or brochures and find many designs. The Internet is a powerful tool where you can surf and get more information.

After you have decided to put up a conservatory design in your home, and already determined on the uses and the design, you will need to decide on the type of construction material to use. An exception is there for homes located in conservation areas. It is important to plan in advance before putting down in paper with your contractor. The final product satisfaction is very important putting your specification a first priority. There are three material used for construction of a conservatory.


It is the most inexpensive in the construction materials used. It is widely recognized due to its quality features. It does not need regular maintenance, has high insulation ability and its superiority in composition. PVCU comes in different colours including Mahogany, Cherry Oak and White. It is not allowed for use in conservation areas or use in constructing indigenous designs.


Due to recreation ability of older buildings, hardwoods are the most ideal. It is recommended for use in custom made conservatories but very disadvantageous due to its high cost. Maintenance though is required to keep it cleanly furnished and stain free. There are various paints and finishes that has solved the problem of regular maintenance. Hardwood stains include light oak and mahogany while the stains are cream, brown and white.


It is used where larger lengths is needed since it is stronger and light. On the other hand, it is very expensive and poor in insulation. All this features makes aluminium used for roofing purposes in conservatories. You should put everything into consideration including adding the internal floor space. The reason is that the contractor supplying the material will quote in terms of area. Doing accurate calculation will do you a favor to save you money.

Before the conservatory work starts, and you have the permit to offset the construction of your plan, you need to notify your insurance company of the addition to your home. Contractors normally put the liability on their customer for getting approval of such supplies as they have specifications on their sales. Organize your finances so that you know whether to use your saving or borrow. There’s one rule though which plays for anyone and has it that, the more the time and hard work you put into something the better the outcome.

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